very crude photos of what 5 bettas look like in a cluttered dorm room haha. 2 of the bettas are not mine, and that’s the one in the bag, and the one on the floor. I am babysitting those.

Description of all:

1 & 2: (Excuse the cloudy water, just did a water change) My planted 10g, aka Champ’s tank. I’ve never had a betta that got really territorial over the 10g, usually my 10g freaks out my bettas and I have to downgrade. But Champ has taken over and loves his tank so much he built me a nice bubble nest too :) It sits just behind my bed so it’s no wonder Champ has a crush on me haha.

3 & 4: One of the bettas I’m babysitting. If you have been following my posts, this is the cute boy that looks like a non-black Champ and has a spinal deformity. He’s got a cute little face and personality, he’s just a special needs fish that needs a smaller tank and small decorations (he has a hard time swimming.)

5 & 6: Fun photos of Pollock. The water is low in the first pic because I just took a bag of water out, but the second photo is the tank split and with awful salt marks on the glass (I’ll clean the glass once I stop having to take the bag in and out of the water to change the internal water haha.) Look at the first photo though, silly guy likes to “yell” at me when I’m not paying attention to him.

7 & 8: Another one I’m babysitting, the male betta on my floor with a huge personality. He’s wrapped in the electric blanket because he has no heater, but that’s him yawning in my direction because I’m obviously boring him. He looks funny to me, but she says he’s a “good quality betta” so I trust her haha.

9: Picasso’s 2.5g sits on my desk so I can do homework and have him peacefully swim in front of me. He’s a little sweetie and he loves this 2.5g going-to-be mini-pond.

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