"I think antidepressants should be banned. If you need antidepressants just to live normally, then you shouldn’t even be at university. You should give your spot to someone who can actually function in our society."

Second year psychology major

fuck. this still hits hard.

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This is the trash that’s going to be responsible for counselling people. My God, the mental health profession is already filled with enough assholes. *sigh*

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and people wonder why we are sometimes reluctant to “just get help”

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so tell me, i have to take meds for a physical problem i have every day to live normally (and live at all.) should i not be allowed to have them, die, and let some other person can take my place because i “can’t function”? should i give up my dreams because i have to swallow a pill everyday? (via abiggaynerd)

The actual reason that fuels me to be a therapist for those affected by depression and using my artistic skills to spread awareness is exactly this. Because people still think like this. They are ignorant and they do not know how hard it is for victims of depression to go through their daily lives and then be told they’re just a waste of space. it is so fucking hard to live with depression and anxiety - it doesn’t mean they can’t “function.” 


eats oreos for breakfast because i am

  1. garbage

■ Using the correct pronouns is just as important when the person isnt there to hear it.